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Change the way macOS Displays Date and Time

Change a file’s creation/modified date on Mac OS X

Your command should look something like this: Now open Terminal and run the touch -t or touch -ct command using a very early date. Dates from and work particularly well. So the command would read: All the date fields except Last Opened should be blank - - in the Finder as well as in image applications.

A final note: As far as I can tell, the earliest you can change the date to is i. Dates between and the present show up in the date fields in Finder. The SetFile commands mentioned by user maverick require Xcode installation, I believe. They are discussed more here: And applications like File Changer 5 are not free. The only thing to add is you need to enter the date and time as per UTC time.

Set the System Time in Mac OS X from the Command Line

Your email address will not be published. Follow me on Instagram! An error occurred while preparing the installation. This command will be entered as follows: Which means, you can just enter it exactly like this: Have you straightened out the situation yet? Yes, I have, thanks for asking.

Did lots of Googling for that. Damned Apple!

Thanks buddy, glad I could help! Very easy fix. Thank you And, good idea with the current time script.

Cool thanks. Glad it helped! Thank you so much!!! This helped me so much! Hello Everyone.

Changing system date from Terminal - OS X recovery - Thomas Bensmann

My system: After double clicking the Install OS X icon however, the following window opens: Installed OS 9 through 9. There seems to be two 2 creation dates for OS X Cheetah: Many Thanks! Thanks you shit fixed my issue. Thanks again.

It helped me to resolve the cannot join server. Oh my gosh!


That was super helpful. When you set up your Mac, the operating system makes some assumptions about how it should display date and time.

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Those default settings are terrific for most people, but some folks want a different type of display — either showing hour time, or including the day of the week with an abbreviated month, day, year format. The first step is to locate the correct pane in System Preferences. Apple has really buried this one. Consider that your bonus tip for the day.