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How to Import Outlook and Thunderbird Accounts in 12222

Importing is now auto-magic! We are ecstatic that it is finally ready for you! Mailbird will detect the accounts that you have added to your existing email client. Choose the account you would like to import to your Mailbird. Depending on how many accounts you have selected in the previous step, you may be asked to enter the details multiple times. One for each account.

Mailbird will start the import of your account data, such as folders, settings, and messages.


El convertidor extendido de correo de Mac migra el correo de Mac a Outlook, el correo de Mac a Office o el correo de Mac a Thunderbird. In this article, we will show you how to convert your entire Mac Mail email archive to Microsoft Outlook on a PC in a few steps. How to convert Mac Mail emails to the PST file? Instead of that you may save Mac Mail messages into mailbox files using the “Export Mailbox ” function.

It will also let you know once it is finished. Please consider that depending on the amount of accounts you would like to import and the size of each, it may impact the duration of the import process. Except it does not work properly. I only have one Outlook profile on my PC with one account. I can send some screenshots and will create a support ticket but at first attempt the new import feature is a big fail. Hey Glen, thanks for your feedback. I am sure our support has gotten back to you already.

Please keep our customer support guys updated on how it is going for you. Thanks for your support. There is very difficult task to import Outlook data to Thunderbird account, so use third part tool that helps you to easily to do task. Hey Paul, thanks for your feedback.

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Please make sure, your accounts are not added in Mailbird yet. Mailbird will only recognise accounts that have not been added yet. This looks like a joke to me! Nothing happens apart from telling me I have to select an account, but how do I do that??

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And obviously you can only import Thunderbird and Outlook??? And if I understand your the comment from Christin right then this is only valid for new accounts? Do you mean I should delete old accounts and re-import them? Please make a proper description of this and remember we are many people who like some aspects of Mailbird, but there is a looong way to go before it works properly. But keep up the good work and you will be there one day!

Hey Sven, you can start the Import prices by going to the Mailbird menu and select options. Mailbird will give you the option to import an existing account. The import feature works only for new accounts. That is right as Mailbird will not detect the account if they have been added already. Thanks for your support and feedback Sven In my installation Mailbird Pro 2. Hey Erik, Thanks for your feedback and we are sorry to hear you are facing this issue. Please send us an email to support at getmailbird.

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Happy Monday As per the last post, you didnt answer the question completely. So, for accounts already in Mailbird, how do we import contacts from Thunderbird then? The vcard thing from Thunderbird to Mailbird never worked for me as I told your cust service dept multiple times. So, do we need to remove the accounts then re-add them? If so, what are the pitfalls, if any?

What about importing and exporting Mailbird itself; i. I have Mailbird set up how I want it on one computer, and now want to install it on my laptop. Just go to the archived folder and move or copy it to the active folder for that account. If you select every message and right click, mark as read, it still shows thousands of unread messages for me. Your ticket should be resolved by now. Happy Tuesday I imported my accounts from Thunderbird and it worked almost fine, only one easy fixable error occurred — for some reason Mailbird got one port wrong -1 instead of No joy — high hopes dashed.

Start Importing automagically

After following all steps outlined, restart, sign in to Mailbird, only to find NO 0 Contacts found, and no Thunderbird calendar imported. I was only looking at Mailbird, to get around the constant freezes and crashes under Windows 10 junk!


Hey Dave, thanks for your feedback. As you are referring to contacts sync, I am very happy to let you know we will be ideally be able to release it within the next 3 months. We are going to announce the official release date once confirmed on our social channels. Hey Dave, we launched our new contact manager with contact sync. I have been extremely happy using outlook express followed by windows mail for the past years and recently purchased a new laptop with windows 10 preinstalled… and since then have been looking for a mail client that worked just like windows mail.

Hey Mukesh, thanks for your feedback.

Importing/Exporting OSX mail

Please contact Thunderbird support for that matter. Thanks and happy Tuesday I have copied the file on my new computer with windows If you have aspirations to be the best email client in the world then immediately put a bit more effort into it. Sorry but this is bad. I was unable to import my Thunderbird accounts. Could you help me, please?

Hey Samuel, we are very sorry to hear you are facing this issue. Please make sure,that the accounts you would like to import have not yet been added to Mailbird. Come on! Every few months I do an Update and Mailbird refuses to open after updating. If I could simply do an export of the accounts, never time I can just import it.

I lost a whole day of work today! Please stop over complicating things, For the love of god! Just allow me to export everything to a CSV. Still not fixed. Please get your stuff together. Fix your Licensing system!! Hey Petru, thanks for your message and feedback. We are sorry to hear you are still facing this issue.

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As it is only a very few amount of users that are facing it update issue, it is very difficult for us to sort out. Regarding the feature request, we are working on a lot of things, but they take time. We still are a small team, but trust me, we are working very hard on making as many people happy as possible:- Have a wonderful week and we really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback.

Last week, I migrated entire Thunderbird mailbox items into Outlook successfully. I did a lot of research on manual method but failed to find any suitable reference. Had high hopes for Mailbird as it looks great and seemed ultra responsive. It failed to import anything automatically and I could not manually import my archived emails. If you want Mailbird to be treated seriously you need to lift your game considerably.

No good having the prettiest car when you cannot drive it. Perdi mi clave no puedo entrar a mi cuenta mi correo es missybeli hotmail.

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Mi duda es, me dejara sin nada quitar icloud bloqueo - Iphone De 32 Gb un fichero de iOS firmware personalizado sin baseband porque es posible que tu al insertar la cuenta de correo y ahora me pide que verifique la cuenta, pero es una iCloud: no puedo sincronizar contactos de outlook en iphone 4 IOS 7. Puedes pulsar sobre el mensaje al que apunta la flecha, "ahora mismo no puedo hacer esto". Crear Correo Electronico. Icon leasing orange Amovens recomendado por. Cambia el nombre y comienza a usar tu correo en Outlook.

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