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Easily modify the file and folder attributes of one item or a thousand. Cleaning Find duplicate files and duplicate folders. Find empty files and folders, orphaned files, duplicate files, broken aliases, and unused preference files. Erase files, entire folders, and unused disk space to avoid unauthorized recovery of deleted files. Delete data and resource forks from files. Delete custom icons and custom folder icon files. Clean folders of. General File Management Rename files based on patterns, sequences and dates. Create droplets to automate any renaming process.

Find files and folders using an extensive set of search criteria including owner, group, and names matching regular expressions. Conveniently perform a wide variety of actions on the results of searches. Create custom icons using pictures in the Clipboard, the contents of graphics files and PDF files,. View complete icon families with the icon family viewer. Export icons to. Create aliases and symbolic links. Find and repair broken aliases. Find, copy, move, and delete invisible files.

Quickly view listings of common folders. Move, delete, and copy files. Copy invisible files. Copy with options not available in the Finder. Create snapshots to track changes to a folder or disk, such as files installed by an installer. Use the results of snapshot comparisons to uninstall applications.

Easy to use Create droplets to automate many common tasks. Use contextual menus within File Buddy to accomplish many tasks in a single step. Save window configurations to eliminate the need to manually configure windows for operations you perform on a regular basis. Discounts are available for: Users upgrading from the previous version see next section Users purchasing multiple license Users qualifying for a personal discount. To get your discount, use the following instructions: Go to our File Buddy 10 order page.

Enter the number of copies you wish to upgrade. I just fed it a folder with 47 raw files from my Canon 5D MkII, some of which are HD i movie files, and it imported the lot in about 30 seconds. The movies play, the stills blow up instantly to view details at high magnification. I recently went thru a process of comparing several such programs by throwing an entire hard drive of media at them. The drive contained several various formats of photos; images; movies; text files; PDFs; audio and so on - about 25, files in all.

The only software that "just worked" was Expression. All the rest choked at some point. However, there were some GUI incompatibilities early on with Leopard but these disappeared with later versions. EM has a duller GUI. I'm another EM user wondering about its long term survival. There's a fairly comprehensive discussion of the possible alternatives on the forum here.

After reading about the various options I'm seriously considering just going over to Aperture and not waiting to see if EM does rise from the ashes Microsoft basically changed most of the icons - to look worse - and version 2 didn't appear to improve things much either. As such, I've continued using the last version of iView MediaPro on everything up to and including At present, it works exactly as it did before, which is to say it's very quick and responsive.

The only problem I've found is that if you try to import images directly from the iPhone, it's prone to hanging. I think it cannot correctly parse non-camera images. Since all images you create and save on the iPhone end up in the photo library, these images are a mixture of camera photos and non-camera images. Any iPhone application can save a less-than-standard image file here. The camera import dialog presumably expects images to be of particular types, and just hangs on the files it cannot parse.

The only workaround I've found is to import using another application, such as Image Capture.

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File Buddy is quite simply the most powerful high-level file utility available for the Mac. handy functionality, Mac users have been relying on File Buddy to make their lives better since Support planned for macOS from and forward. File Buddy 10 supports macOS ( Snow Leopard) through (Sierra).

In any case, the demise of iView MediaPro upon its acquisition by Microsoft was easy to predict. What's unclear at present is whether it has a future from here on. I have no idea where he got that impression I eventually determined that it worked only in the user account it was installed into. Complete removal and reinstallation of iView Media Pro did not fix the problem. I could not install it into each user account because of licensure issues.

I needed multi-user functionality, so I reluctantly switched to iPhoto. I too was a big fan of iView Media Pro. When Microsoft bought it, I feared for the worst and sure enough.

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I tried the first Microsoft version and it was a mess so I switched to Lightroom, which handles photos differently but continues to improve. If you keep your metadata in standard fields, you should be able to export it into Lightroom no problem.

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If you used iView's custom fields, you may have to do some scripting to get your data moved. Lightroom has a good script developer community that can do amazing things. If you were using any of the advanced features of iView, you will not be happy moving to iPhoto. Try Lightroom or Aperture instead. If you are serious about your photos, the cost will soon be forgotten.

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There hasn't been a new version for PowerPC in months. The latest on their page is 1. As recently as last week or two, there was a message on the front page saying that a new PowerPC version was coming soon when they released 1. However, that message is now gone. I think they have quietly ended support for the newest versions. It looks like the venerable MacLink Plus is gone. I can't find it on the DataViz site. Don't be surprised to see their other products that were not targeted at mobile devices either get killed off or sold off to other companies that wish to continue development.

I would think that even the future of their mobile product support for devices other than Blackberries is questionable at this point. If MacLink Plus is gone : then does anyone have a suggestion for an equivalent? Amazon has some used copies up to version 14 of MacLink Plus. Fortunately, I still had my old copy of it.

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  • Option one - remove File Buddy 6.1.8 in the most traditional way.

The truth is, there are fewer file formats all the time, and translation between those formats is generally built in to applications, so MacLinkPlus is not as useful as it once was. If you really get stuck, sometimes you can extract the data from a file by examining it in a text editor like BBEdit or TextWrangler.

However, you cannot expect that to work on images or sounds, particularly if they are imbedded in a document. If you want to save an old file, you need to maintain it. You need to make sure that it is always on media that can be read, and that there are applications that can open it. It may need translation from time to time. You need to be vigilant. I tried to contact them to inquire about the same thing, but their contact form came back with an error, and my query was never actually sent : I could not find a direct email link.

Re: It looks like the venerable MacLink Plus is gone. Whether that eventually narrows from mobile market to just Blackberry market remains to be seen. It would make sense for them to get some revenue from the other platforms through app sales though. The Mac OS X market doesn't really fit. But I had a problem opening a file about 1 year ago and emailed Dataviz about it. They sent me a current copy of MacLink Plus that did the trick. Amazing customer service. In any case, even though it's no longer on their site and they're not officially supporting it, it might be worth a try to contact them with your specific need.

MacLinkPlus Deluxe was last updated in May I purchased MacLinkPlus for a client only a few months ago. I don't remember too many details, but I remember observing that it looked like it hadn't been updated in years and was only nominally operational on Snow Leopard. I'm not surprised it has been dropped, but it's certainly a loss for Mac users with older document formats. Yeah, with BlackBerry buying up DataViz this seemed kinda inevitable. Ah well A reader mentioned that MacLinkPlus is gone.

Dataviz was recently acquired by RIM, so it's safe to assume anything that's not directly related to Blackberry has been purged. A legitimate complaint is that no one within the organization bothered telling the rest of the world about MLP's status. But that could be a good sign: maybe the MLP app and its continuing development is being handed off to another entity, so like a Phoenix it will be reborn?

I remember long ago when our "incompatible" Macs were the best source of all the file translations our PC friends couldn't manage, thanks to DataViz. With MacLink Plus I could translate files from one PC program to a format readable by another PC program for friends who only wondered why their PC files weren't "compatible" with one another, since their computers supposedly were!

Perhaps the need is much less now, but the loss is palpable. I am glad my copy still works in Rosetta on the rare occasion I need it these days -- if I remember correctly from the last occurrence! I still find it useful occasionally to read old MS Office documents that the current version of Office cannot read!

The DataViz translators are still used in modern apps - for example, Office Sadly, Dataviz on their Facebook account says Maclinkp Pus is no longer made. I would address Dataviz directly and tell them we need a return of their product. This release does only target PowerPC-based Macs. It is the first release of this branch for this platform and includes all the features, improvements and bug-fixes you have been waiting for.

Does anybody know if Miglia is still in business? Their website functions but they're not returning basic emails to their 'sales' address. Also the Support link for discontinued products goes to a generic search page.

How to Uninstall File Buddy 10.0.3 Application/Software on Your Mac

Did E-On software go out of business? Maker of RenderCow and Vue Their website is down, and both phone numbers I found EON and ring to a fast busy or have disconnected messages. I can only assume that this means bad things, but I was wondering if anyone knew what happened and if support for the products has been picked up elsewhere. And WHEN did this all happen?

Let me wipe the egg off my face I had tried their website from home and work and experienced failures on both. Even tried one of the "is it down for everybody or just me" websites and it was not responding. The phone numbers both giving errors had me really concerned The internet gremlins must have known we wanted to talk to them about some stuff.

Automatically uninstall File Buddy 10.0.3 with MacRemover (recommended):

In any case you cannot move File Buddy What is File Buddy? Windows Store ID. Some of us old-timers, i. No similar apps to display. SkyTag Software.

Thanks everyone.. It looks like, after a long history, the handy utility File Buddy has been orphaned; there have been no updates, and the associated domains are basically dead. See, e. Scott R. Not a feature by feature match but does what I needed FileBuddy to do more times than not.

Re: It looks like, after a long history, the handy utility File Buddy has been orphaned; there have been no updates, and the associated domains are basically dead. I have 9. Have to say, File Buddy 9. It completely replaces Spotlight for general searching, with a flexibility and competence that eclipses SL, and I have killed the annoying SL background process completely.

Similarly, I have substituted Path Finder for the Finder with great pleasure, for several years now. Finder is easy to run and quit as needed. Larry assures me that File Buddy is absolutely not dead. He's moving the website to a new hosting company, and hopes to have it back up by Monday at the latest. I just got a reply from Laurence Harris, author of File Buddy , and it looks like good news. He says he's working on a new, Lion-compatible version of File Buddy. The site's back up -- he'd had some problems with his hosting company.

After five months, no more news. While the site exists, I'm guessing that the developer has moved on. FileBuddy works up to a point in Lion. That point is whenever I ask it to move a set of files including to the trash , it crashes. FB has been my default "find duplicates" utility, and I recall making the purchase and feeling proud of helping a small developer. I don't regret it but wish that he'd had the support he needed to continue with such a fine mainstay of the Mac utilities. Regarding File Buddy, John L.

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I was surprised to read about File Buddy - my v9 copy is working fine in Lion! No, while parts of FileBuddy 9 work under Lion, many important features don't. For example, I make use of FileBuddy's ability to find duplicate files. While it will find them under Lion, attempting to move them to the Trash results in FileBuddy locking up, requiring a "force quit" to exit. I have not seen this getting around Bias Inc. Calls back memories of Alchemy Their heavy-handed and arbitrary upgrade policies may have played a small role in their demise.

I bought a USB sound amplifier some years ago that came bundled with a legal, licensed, light version of Peak. But they refused to let me upgrade it, even though I met all the upgrade criteria. Treat people shabbily and your long-term prospects aren't good. Sad news. Wow, this is sad. Given their authorization process, there won't be any way to keep the software working, should you need to change the system on which you installed it move to new computer, install on new drive, etc.

Am seriously hoping that Logic Pro isn't going, too Charles Menoche wrote: "Bias Inc. I'm interested to see what will become of their authorization and de-authorization system. This is the risk consumers take when buying software that requires over-the-Internet authorization. The demise of Bias is unfortunate, as I have recently started getting good use from the latest version of Peak-LE with their SuperFreq plug-in.

I guess that I'll eventually have to cast about for a suitable replacement. I'm a very occasional hobby user of audio editing tools, but when I have a project I like to have a good, but economical tool available. Very disappointed to learn of the demise of Bias. Peak Pro 6 is the mainstay of my professional audio work. Lusted heavily after the many enhanced features of Peak Pro 6, including RMS level normalization, and was thrilled when I could finally afford the purchase.

I love what you did for my sound! You can normalize to either a percentage or a dB offset of the maximum volume. A commonly performed task is to bring the level of a recording to some standard volume level. This can be performed through the Normalize A problem with this is the notion of 'level', as there are many different ways of measuring a sound's level.

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The Normalize The maximal sample value simply looks for the sample that has the largest absolute value and then amplifies the whole sound in such a way that this sample is brought to the reference level. This has the advantage that if the level is chosen to be smaller than 0dB, it is guaranteed that no clipping will occur. The disadvantage is that a short outburst of unusual loudness or a crackle in the sound will dominate the picture, so that the achieved effect is not always what was intended.

The maximal RMS power setting tries to compensate for this by taking average levels over relatively short time intervals ms and choosing the largest of these average levels as the reference. This has the advantage of being usually closer to the desired effect. However, it does not guarantee that no clipping will occur. Note that the Normalize If you wish to obtain several songs sounding very homogeneous throughout as required for example for background music in a store , you may want to apply dynamical compression before normalizing.

Thanks to BIAS for many years of great service. Even now, Peak can do things even the heavy hitter DAWs can't even think about.

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